University Grants Commission Act, 1956
Section 20—Directions by Central Government—State Government adopted and implemented the UGS Regulations—Challenged—Plea taken that State Government had accepted the enhancement of salary grant from the Central Government, but failed to comply with condition of retirement age of the teachers—Writ petition dismissed by Single Bench as well by Division Bench—Appeal—Division Bench observed that it was mandatory for the UGC to be guided by the directions issued by the Central Government on questions of policy relating to national purposes by discharging it’s functions under the UGC Act—Division Bench found that UGC was found to follow the directions issued by the Central Government in view of Section 20 of the UGC Act—Apex Court unequivocally held that the State was not bound to accept or follow the UGC Regulations—No ground found to interfere with the concurrent findings of the High Court—Appeal dismissed.
[Paras 10, 11, 26, 27, 31 & 32]
A judgment is a precedent for the issue of law which is raised and decided—Discussion in a judgment cannot be read out of context and interpreted as the dictum of the Court.
[Para 32]
Decision : Appeal dismissed