Public Interest Litigation
Temple management—Appeals against final judgment and order passed by High Court in a Public Interest Litigation (Writ Petition) without hearing the appellant and without deciding appellant’s application for impleadment—First respondent, a social worker, filed a writ petition in PIL directing the respondent authorities to constitute society or trust for management of the temple—Objection of appellant that the appellant and seventh to tenth respondents who were discharging the duties of shebait of the temple were not called for the meeting and without deciding her application for imleadment, the impugned order was passed—On perusal of the judgment and order, it does not appear that anyone drew the attention of the court to pending impleadment application of the appellant—Appellant could have appeared and made submissions if she had so chosen, even without being added as party—Other members of the family including seventh to tenth respondent, who according to the appellant were in the Mandir Samiti of which the appellant claims to be vice-president were duly given an opportunity of hearing—Impugned judgment and order of High Court warrants no interference—Appeals dismissed.
[Paras 13, 21, 22, 36 & 46]
Temple Management
Non-religious arrangement—Control of—State has the right to control the non-religious affairs of the temple situated on Government Land and ensure that donation received from the public are not misappropriated or wasted.
[Para 38]